photo @ Mark Esper

Sarah Goody is an international aerial artist based out of Berlin, Germany. Since 2004 she calls the German capital her home. She divides her time between intensive periods of research, training and development in the circus arts, and sharing that knowledge through coaching, teaching and workshops.

A late bloomer, so to speak, to circus, Sarah gave up her career as a Master Pastry Chef at 32 to devote herself fully to her training and performing. Aerial Silks was her first acrobatic love, fascinating her imagination with its endless variations and lyrical qualities. Then corde lisse (aerial rope) entered her life, fuelling an intensely passionate relationship that continues unabated to this day. The curiosity and love for all things aerial-related led her eventually to other apparatuses such as the aerial hoop, twin loops, aerial hammock and static cloud swing.

For more than 15 years Sarah made regular pilgrimages to India to immerse herself in the study of its sports and culture – Yoga, Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian dance), Banethi (traditional Indian Martial Arts) and Mallakhamb (traditional Indian Gymnastics on vertical rope and pole) – and most recently to offer professional training in aerial acrobatics in studios throughout the subcontinent. She was involved in the organisation of the Bliss Aerial Training Camp, an aerial arts retreat held annually in the south of Goa.

Sarah’s passion lies both in the choreographic and technical aspects of aerial arts, specifically: sequencing and transitions; exploring movement, character and form; deconstructing tricks; understanding and overcoming the body’s struggle against gravity through the knowledge and power of functional anatomy.

A master of disguise and playfulness, Sarah feels just as comfortable on stage, and in the air, confusing gender norms through satire as she is in delivering a breathtaking moment of poesy and elegance.

In summer 2020 she created the company and brand “Seil ist Geil” (translates to “Rope is Awesome”) in order to provide professional and recreational students of the aerial arts the tools they need to reach their physical and creative goals.

Sarah is currently focusing on further education in the fields of fitness and nutrition. She regularly teaches recreational courses and workshops and coaches professional performers and circus trainers.

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